The Right Honourable Frank Soskice, Baron Stow Hill, P.C.

  • Born: 23 July 1902
  • Died: 1 January 1979

Known asEdit

  • 1902-1945: Mr. Frank Soskice
  • 1945-1948: Sir Frank Soskice, M.P.
  • 1948-1955: The Rt. Hon. Sir Frank Soskice, M.P.
  • 1955-1956: The Rt. Hon. Sir Frank Soskice
  • 1956-1966: The Rt. Hon. Sir Frank Soskice, M.P.
  • 1966-1979: The Lord Stow Hill, P.C.



Peerage TitlesEdit

Chivalric OrdersEdit

Privy CouncilEdit

Parliamentary SeatsEdit

Other PositionsEdit

Preceded by:
Henry Brooke
Home Secretary
Succeeded by:
Roy Jenkins
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